Harriet Jones

Representing a broad range of clients in family, criminal and civil matters.

Harriet Jones is regularly briefed by the CPS and solicitors across the North Eastern and Midlands Circuits. She accepts instructions for a wide range of cases including first hearings, plea and case management, sentencing and trials in the magistrates’ and youth courts. She is also routinely instructed in all types of matters coming before the Crown Courts. This work is supplemented by private prosecutions for the National Probation Service.

Before joining Bank House Chambers, Harriet was a caseworker for a medico-legal charity supporting families through the inquest process. She also worked as part of a team at a multi-national law firm working on the Ian Paterson (rogue breast surgeon) litigation, which led to a £37million global settlement across more than 750 claims.

Significant Cases


R v C (2019) – representation of a vulnerable defendant in a three-day trial involving detailed analysis of CCTV and bodycam footage.

R v M (2019) – represented a young defendant at the magistrates’ and Crown Court facing charges of causing death by careless driving and causing serious injury by careless driving.

R v S (2019) – successful prosecution of a vulnerable defendant charged with exposure. All witnesses in the case were under the age of 18.

Harriet Jones works on a broad range of family law and Children Act cases. She is regularly instructed by parents and intervenors at all stages of public law proceedings. She has also appeared for clients in various private law proceedings including applications for child arrangements orders, enforcement orders, specific issue orders, non-molestation orders, prohibited steps and occupation orders, acting for either the applicant or the respondent. This frequently includes finding-of-fact and final hearings.

Significant Cases


A Local Authority v M (2018) – appeared on behalf of family members at a fact-finding hearing involving allegations of serious harm where no findings were made. This involved rigorous scrutiny of medical evidence and cross-examination of experts.

L v L (2018) – representation of a parent facing serious allegations of harm made by their ex-partner, which if proven would have had serious consequences on their employment. No findings were made and substantial costs were awarded against the other party.

A v R (2019) – representation of a parent’s new partner in a final hearing involving allegations of inappropriate touching. The findings were successfully argued.

A Local Authority v P (2019) – representation of a parent at a final hearing where the plan for the child was one of adoption. This involved cross-examination of multiple experts over several days. 

A Local Authority v H (2019) – represented a local authority in a four-day final hearing involving issues including appropriate treatment of psychological difficulties and neglect.

Harriet Jones is regularly instructed to represent claimants and defendants in trials, applications, Stage 3 hearings, infant approvals and interlocutory applications.

She also frequently acts on behalf of South Yorkshire Police for contested hearings concerning breaches of domestic violence protection notices (DVPNs) and domestic violence protection orders (DVPOs).

How much will Harriet Jones’ services cost?

Harriet mostly works on a fixed-fee basis for the main hearing, with a daily refresher rate for any subsequent date of hearing, although this depends on the type of work you request. If you’d like a quotation for her legal services in a particular matter, please contact our clerk using the details below and we’ll be very happy to help. Please also refer to Bank House Chambers’ standard terms & conditions.

What might influence the timescales of the services Harriet offers?

Harriet would normally expect to arrange a preliminary conference with your client within 7 days of first contact from you. After that, despite our best intentions, we can’t always control timescales or the amount of time we spend on a case. These can be affected by factors such as urgency; complexity; your own (or your client’s) availability; Harriet’s availability and that of any third parties; the volume of documents she needs to review or must request; and the court’s availability.

Can you have confidence in Harriet’s work?

She is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

How can you contact Harriet Jones?

In the first instance, please contact our senior clerk, Wayne Digby, on 0114 275 1223 or email him at w.digby@bankhousechambers.co.uk.