James Gould

An experienced advocate with a solid record of dealing with complex cases and clients who need delicate handling, across both crime and regulatory and public law.

James Gould has developed a reputation for effectively and sensitively handling complex cases and cases with vulnerable defendants or witnesses.

His attention to detail and approachable personality ensure that he retains good relationships with his instructing solicitors.

Significant Cases

Sexual offences

R v Bhatti, Sheffield Crown Court – Allegations of the rape of family members and possession of extreme pornography. The prosecution offered no evidence following disclosure and defence submissions.

R v Dewsnap, Leeds Crown Court – Numerous male complainants alleging sexual assaults in the workplace by the defendant. Acquitted after a lengthy trial.

R v B, Sheffield Crown Court – A juvenile defendant faced several allegations including the rape of young girls, some of which were alleged to have been while the complainants were at school or on school trips. Instructed when the defendant changed solicitors; successful appeal against the sentence to the Court of Appeal.

R v Crossland, Sheffield Crown Court – Allegation of rape by an ex-partner, with a defence of malicious prosecution. The defendant was acquitted following disclosure of phone, text and Facebook communication.

R v Burke – Intermediary for the defendant in historic allegations of rape of family members where the defendant had cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. Several experts were involved.

R v Coult – Intermediary for the complainant where a young defendant faced trial of rapes against his 8-year-old nephew.

R v Horvath – A multi-handed trial alleging people-trafficking for the purpose of child-prostitution.

Fraud and dishonesty

R v Blackwell-Gibbs, Nottingham Crown Court – Prosecution by Trading Standards for fraudulent trading. Eight defendants were alleged to be part of a bogus company set up to target elderly victims nationwide. The trial was listed for 8 weeks; at the third trial listing, the prosecution offered no evidence.

R v Osman, Nottingham Crown Court – Prosecution of a company accountant for £500,000 fraud.

R v Challin, Sheffield Crown Court – The defendant was alleged to be part of a nationwide network involved in the distribution and conversion of fraudulently printed cheques by RBS insurance.

R v Glaves, Sheffield Crown Court – Junior for the prosecution in multi-handed trial for fraud against Corus Steel. The lengthy trial involved experts.


R v Reeds, Sheffield Crown Court – Sole junior representing a female defendant charged with the attempted murder of her partner.

R v Razak, Sheffield Crown Court – Sole junior representing a defendant charged with attempted murder following a heavy drinking session with the victim.

R v O’Keefe, Sheffield Crown Court – Junior representing a defendant facing trial for murder. The defendant was confronted in their own home by a gang, including the deceased. The prosecution reviewed the case mid-trial and accepted a plea to manslaughter.

R v Smith, Sheffield Crown Court – Junior in a lengthy multi-handed trial involving a gangland execution with a sawn-off shot gun fired at point-blank range.

R v Watson, Doncaster Crown Court – The defendant was alleged to be the leader of a gang using extreme violence, including the discharge of firearms to ‘tax’ rival drugs gangs. Successfully submitted ‘no case to answer’.


R v Zamil, Sheffield Crown Court – The case involved the supply of drugs and discharge of firearms. Following an application for disclosure, the prosecution reviewed the case. It was successfully submitted that the minimum sentence provisions should not apply; a suspended sentence was imposed.

R v Lofts, Sheffield Crown Court – A multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in which a successful abuse-of-process application was made. The prosecution attempted a second prosecution; there was a second successful application to stay the indictment.

R v Gaye, Sheffield Crown Court – A two-week trial involving 11 young witnesses who gave evidence via video link, in a case involving the supply of drugs to young girls.

James has considerable experience of:

  • Inquests – having represented many interested parties including the police, families and insurers
  • Police civil applications – such as confiscation, domestic violence protection orders, and gang injunctions
  • Judicial review – both making and responding to applications
  • Health and Safety Executive cases – prosecuting or defending
  • PII – representing local authorities
  • Copyright and trademark prosecutions
  • Local authority prosecutions – such as food safety and planning
  • Environment Agency – defence cases

How much will James Gould’s services cost?

James mostly works on a fixed-fee basis for the main hearing, with a daily refresher rate for any subsequent date of hearing, although this depends on the type of work you request. If you’d like a quotation for his legal services in a particular matter, please contact our clerk using the details below and we’ll be very happy to help. Please also refer to Bank House Chambers’ standard terms & conditions.

What might influence the timescales of the services James offers?

James would normally expect to arrange a preliminary conference with your client within 7 days of first contact from you. After that, despite our best intentions, we can’t always control timescales or the amount of time we spend on a case. These can be affected by factors such as urgency; complexity; your own (or your client’s) availability; James’ availability and that of any third parties; the volume of documents he needs to review or must request; and the court’s availability.

Can you have confidence in James’ work?

He is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

How can you contact James Gould?

In the first instance, please contact our senior clerk, Wayne Digby, on 0114 275 1223 or email him at w.digby@bankhousechambers.co.uk.