Gurdial Singh

Head of Chambers

A criminal law specialist with solid experience defending historic sex abuse allegations. He is a Recorder, a Grade 4 prosecutor and specialist rape prosecutor.

Gurdial Singh was called to the Bar in 1989. He obtained tenancy in London, where he practiced successfully until 2000 when he was invited to join Bank House Chambers by the then head of chambers, Jonathan Durham Hall QC.

Whilst in London, he built up a busy practice, both prosecuting and defending. Notable cases included successfully prosecuting a ten-day rape case at the Old Bailey against a silk and junior without a leader. And in a multi-handed drugs case, he also achieved the staying of a 52-count indictment as an abuse of process on the grounds of entrapment.

Gurdial Singh is one of Bank House Chambers’ most senior criminal practitioners, and will prosecute or defend in all areas of serious crime including, murder, rape, armed robbery and Class A drug offences. He has a particular skill in defending historic sex abuse allegations.

He was appointed a Recorder in 2012. He is also a Grade 4 prosecutor and a specialist rape prosecutor.

Significant Cases


R v Hinton and Wright [2023] Successfully prosecuted a series of aggravated burglaries where elderly occupants were held hostage in their homes and attacked with weapons resulting in a sentence of 23 years for the main defendant.

R v Hamlin [2022] Instructed to prosecute double attempted murder without a leader.

R v Eliis, Collins and Wilks [2021] Instructed to prosecute a three handed, double attempted murder involving firearms without a Silk.

R v Finneran [2020] Led by Kath Goddard QC in 8 week neglect case, prosecuted by a QC. The child was 7 weeks old. The prosecution relied upon in excess of 20 experts including paediatric registrars, gynaecologists, consultants in obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric haematologists, neurosurgeons, consultant paediatric neuro radiologists, consultant paediatric neuro radiologists, consultant ophthalmologists, neuro ophthalmologists and consultant paediatric radiologists. The defendant was acquitted.

R v Khaleeq [2018] – A three-week Section 18 trial, in which the complainants were 9-month-old premature twins. The prosecution called seven consultants, who were all cross-examined.

R v Zhou [2017] – An international people-trafficking case involving the sexual exploitation of Thai nationals, prosecuted by a QC. The trial lasted eight weeks.

R v Clark [2016] – Represented one of only two defendants in a multi-handed, nationwide people-trafficking, drug-production and money-laundering case, acquitted following a 10-week trial.

R v Hamilton [2015] – Defended historic rape complaints involving five victims who were the defendant’s two sisters, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and niece. He was acquitted of all the allegations.

R v Wegorezewski [2015] Defended in a multi handed murder, where the deceased was found in a house with the defendants, none of whom were prepared to say what had happened. Ultimately pleaded guilty to manslaughter following an unsuccessful submission of no case. Whilst led, I conducted the majority of the case on my own due to my leader being part heard elsewhere.

R v Naheed [2014] – Successfully prosecuted a substantial internet fraud carried out by an employee (and four others) of a famous high-street building society, where more than half a million pounds of savings had been targeted.

R v Connaughton [2013] – Ensured the acquittal of a defendant charged with a nationwide conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and consequent money-laundering with a potential POCA in excess of £1million after a four-week trial.

R v Robinson [2012] – Represented the principal defendant, who was part of a gang of ten who set up a factory in Chesterfield capable of producing millions of fake cigarettes a year, with an estimated worth of more than £131million in lost revenue to HMRC. The case was very widely reported in the national press.

R v Cheetham [2010] – Junior counsel in the ‘Cromford Murder’. This involved the execution of the victim by a single gunshot to the head whilst he was kneeling in the boot of a taxi. The case attracted national media interest, including an episode in prime time television crime series.

R v F [2010] – Defended a man charged with historic sexual abuse against young boys, some of whom were particularly vulnerable by reason of their mental ability. The alleged depravity was such that he was sentenced following his conviction to one of the longest reported sentences of its kind.

R v Desourdy [2004] 2 Cr App Rep (s) 35 – Appeal against an 11-year sentence for the offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

How much will Gurdial Singh’s services cost?

Gurdial mostly works on a fixed-fee basis for the main hearing, with a daily refresher rate for any subsequent date of hearing, although this depends on the type of work you request. If you’d like a quotation for his legal services in a particular matter, please contact our clerk using the details below and we’ll be very happy to help. Please also refer to Bank House Chambers’ standard terms & conditions.

What might influence the timescales of the services Gurdial offers?

Gurdial would normally expect to arrange a preliminary conference with your client within 7 days of first contact from you. After that, despite our best intentions, we can’t always control timescales or the amount of time we spend on a case. These can be affected by factors such as urgency; complexity; your own (or your client’s) availability; Gurdial’s availability and that of any third parties; the volume of documents he needs to review or must request; and the court’s availability.

Can you have confidence in Gurdial’s work?

He is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

How can you contact Gurdial Singh?

In the first instance, please contact our senior clerk, Wayne Digby, on 0114 275 1223 or email him at