“This is a really great place to work. People know they have a good job, make a good living and are happy with it.”

It makes a real difference that we’re an independent set – we can make decisions about the running of Bank House Chambers which are right for our business, our clients and our people, without outside influences (other than the usual regulatory requirements). Our tenants can develop their careers in the way they want, at the speed they want. We put a high value on the wellbeing of everyone who works here, and are sensitive to the issues of child or elder care, or those returning to work after a career break.

We’re not old-fashioned. We use first names and the atmosphere is relaxed but respectful. It’s talent that counts here, rather than who you know or where you were educated.

There’s a good positive energy and people like to help each other out. We’re far too busy doing enjoyable and rewarding work to get bogged down in petty politics. And our clerks and staff are fantastic – an amazing support for both members and clients.

“It’s a really busy practice. If you’re willing to get on with it, you’ll do well.”

Tenancy here is very appealing: we take a flexible approach to the way our members want to work, and both our rents and our clerking fees are very competitive. The standard of living in the surrounding areas is great, and we’re just 5 miles from the Peak District. Sheffield is a vibrant and multi-cultural city with two established universities, lots of live music and a proud heritage.

As for equality and diversity, we’re doing pretty well. A third of those who work here are women, although we’d like to bring that up to fully 50%. 12% of us are non-white, and age groups are evenly represented. 92% of us went to state schools and 48% of us were the first in our families to go to university. 28% have caring responsibilities.

For more information about working at Bank House Chambers, read about our history, our Diversity Data 2021 Analysis, and what tenancy looks like.