Motoring Crime

A strong reputation for in-depth knowledge and exceptional advocacy skills in vehicle crime

Motoring crime is a deceptively difficult area of work. Many consider it to be easy, and the consequences of breaches relatively minor, but the legislation is complicated and the penalties can have harsh impacts on the recipients.

However, our advice and representation could help clients to reduce their driving ban or retain their licences, and we’ve successfully appealed many adverse decisions.

We handle cases involving offences under all road traffic legislation, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, and death or serious injury by dangerous or careless driving (driving without due care and attention).

Understanding your situation and your rights

For many clients, continuing to drive is essential for their livelihood. We can provide specialist advice about motoring law, quickly, so that you can understand what you’re facing and what your rights are. We will thoroughly examine any evidence to help you understand your prospect of success.

Vehicle licensing law

Our regulatory and public law team is here to help those who drive for a living, particularly with taxi licensing and appeals, licence revocations and disciplinary appeals.

We also handle car ringing, staged crashes and cases of fraud – including motor insurance fraud, such as faked and exaggerated claims or failure to declare material information. We are regularly instructed by national law firms which specialise in motoring law.

To enquire about motoring crime cases please get in touch with our clerking team.