Jasmine Kumar


Specialising in family law, appearing in a range of courts on the North Eastern and Midlands circuits as well as the Court of Appeal.

Jasmine was admitted as a solicitor in 2006 after training with the then Her Majesty’s Court Service as a Legal Adviser to the Derbyshire Magistrates. Jasmine moved into private practice and obtained Higher Rights of Audience in All Proceedings in 2007 as a criminal defence practitioner. Jasmine transferred to the Bar in 2009 as she homed in on her natural ability as a court advocate.

Jasmine spent many years of her career prosecuting and defending serious offences in the Crown Courts and appeared several times at the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

Jasmine’s criminal work included many cases of domestic abuse in the context of the following offences: causing grievous bodily harm, rape and sexual assault, aggravated stalking, harassment, arson with intent to cause loss of life and damage to property, controlling and coercive behaviour, breach of Non- Molestation Orders and Restraining Orders and malicious communications offences.

Jasmine left Crown Court practice in 2020 and has since gained extensive experience in Public Law Proceedings representing Local Authorities and undertook a 9 month placement as in-house counsel at Local Authority in South Yorkshire.

Jasmine has also represented parents and extended family members. Jasmine has represented parties in lengthy final and contested hearings. Jasmine has been involved in cases involving serious sexual abuse, serious harm by drug poisoning, non- accidental injuries, sustained neglect, emotional and psychological harm to children. Most of the cases Jasmine has been involved with have been subject to police investigations and concurrent criminal proceedings running alongside therefore she is very skilled at cutting through police evidence.

Jasmine also has experience in Private Law Proceedings in matters involving allegations of violence, controlling and coercive behaviour, psychological abuse, and financial abuse. Such cases have been relevant to contact and residence between children, parents and extended family members. Such cases have also involved police investigations and criminal proceedings due to their serious nature.

Jasmine brings her forensic attention to detail when evaluating evidence from her criminal background through to her work in family proceedings and presents as a strong advocate, especially in cross examination.

Jasmine is professional yet grounded and has excellent client care skills mastered from her days as a solicitor. Jasmine has a strong instinct in detecting those individuals that may have neurodiverse challenges as witnesses and has been instrumental over the years in ensuring that intermediaries have undertaken a professional evaluation of her lay clients in order that her clients are able to have the opportunity to give their “best” evidence.

Significant Cases

Re F
Instructed on a VHCC case; represented the father an Albanian national married to a Romanian national. Both their children (Albanian and Romanian subjects) were removed under an Interim Care Order as the mother had caused non accidental injury to her daughter and she had undergone sustained neglect and psychological abuse. Baby boy, my client’s son was also removed, they were placed together in foster care. This was an international case involving family assessments from Greece, Romania and Albania regarding potential alternative carers for the children. The mother was convicted of assaulting her daughter and sentenced to a suspended prison sentence. Both parents were subject to negative parenting assessments, the foster carers wished to be special guardians to both children. I acted until the Issues Resolution hearing.

Re G
Represented a mother who had a learning disability in a case whereby Final Care and Placement Orders were made and the parents sought return of her son. The case involved the instruction of a second Independent Social Worker, a Clinical Psychologist and an Intermediary. The Placement Order was revoked after a contested hearing involving cross examination of the ISW and a Reunification Plan was put in place for the child to return to his parents. This case was complex in as much as it involved two separate Local Authorities as the parents had since moved after the initial Placement and Final Care Order was made and had a subsequent child who was within their care. Both Local Authorities had reached different conclusions on whether or not the parents could give the children good enough care.

Re C
Represented a father whereby multiple parents and extended family members were parties and a 5 sibling group were subject to multiple Court Orders including Interim Care Orders; Interim Child Arrangement Orders and Interim Supervision Orders with different carers. The case was listed for a final 8 day composite hearing before a Circuit Judge, my client was defending allegations of non -accidental injuries to his son, the case resolved at trial. The mother accepted causing the child’s injuries. My client maintained his Child Arrangement Order with his son living with him.

Re P
Represented a father, his baby boy was unexpectedly delivered into a toilet basin as the mother stated that she did not know that she was pregnant, child subject to Interim Care Order. The Local Authority alleged a concealed pregnancy as the mother had three children made subject to Adoption before she met my client. Both parents were made subject to a residential placement during the Lockdown period and were housed some 200 miles away from their home. Both parents completed successful PAMS assessments. The parents returned to the community with their son. My client required an intermediary during proceedings due to his previous diagnosis of Autism. The case resolved with an agreed Supervision Order. The Local Authority did not pursue findings against the mother of a concealed pregnancy after the father provided compelling evidence that he nor the mother was aware of the mother’s pregnancy.

Re P
Represented a mother resident in a refuge as her eldest daughter had been subjected to CSE in a different location and the mother had to be re-housed due to her own personal protection from a criminal group. My client’s other 4 children were removed from the refuge under Interim Care Order when the children discovered their mother unconscious after drink and drug use. The Local Authority sought adoption of youngest child aged just 2 years old, the mother opposed the separation of the sibling group and the Court ruled in her favour. Final Care Orders were made and the sibling group remained together. The mother and her daughter gave evidence in criminal proceedings during the on-going family proceedings and was an extremely delicate and emotional client for obvious reasons. I built an excellent working and trusted relationship with the mother over the course of the proceedings.

Re S
Represented a father in private law proceedings whereby 14 allegations were made against him, of which my client contested all allegations. The mother had special measures throughout the 4 days contested hearing before a Recorder. The allegations were complex and involved linked criminal proceedings whereby my client had previously pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. 11 of the 14 allegations were proved. The father sought contact with this two young children after not seeing them for some 18 months.