Anti-racism statement

In line with our suite of Equality & Diversity policies and processes, all of us here at Bank House Chambers recognise our role in confronting systemic racism in our profession and ensuring fairness and equality.

We are committed to the Bar Standards Board’s Anti-Racist Statement made November 2020 (Anti-Racist-Statement-November-2020.pdf ( and reject racism in all its forms.

As a Chambers* and as individuals*, we continue to commit to reviewing how we can improve and bring about positive change.

We have seen improvements (see Diversity Data Report) within Chambers but we continue to do more.



“Chambers’” is Bank House Chambers based at Old Bank House, 3 Hartshead, Sheffield S1 2EL (see Chambers’ website for details:

“Individual’s” means Members’, Door Tenants, Associate Members, Pupils, Mini-Pupils, Clerks, Staff, Visitors, Contractors, Consultants, Temporary Workers and anyone internally or externally involved with Chambers’.